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New Island Printing Group shows significant achievement at the 9th China Print Awards


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On April 12th 2023, the 9th China Print Awards Ceremony was held on the second day of PRINT CHINA 2023; South China’s most important and prestige printing industry event held in Dongguan, Guangdong. The China Print Awards is co-hosted by The Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC), The Hong Kong Printers Association (HKPA), The Taiwan Printing Industry Association and The Macau Printing Industry Association. The organizers established the China Print Awards to promote new technologies, process innovation, encourage and improve level of printing quality, promote technology exchanges and industry cooperation. The China Print Awards is the most authoritative and comprehensive award in the Chinese Printing industry. It is also the only award in the industry that has been officially approved by the central government.

This year, both teams from Dongguan and Shanghai signed up their outstanding products for the 9th China Print Awards, and both teams showed significant achievement by winning two recognitions; giving New Island a total of four awards. This achievement strongly demonstrates with confidence that our manufacturing craftsmanship can reach exceptionally high quality in both Dongguan and Shanghai factories.


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Gold Award (Non-Folding Box)

The gold award-winning work is the Maogeping Beauty Carton for its Pure Jade Collection. Maogeping (MGPIN) is a high-end luxurious oriental makeup brand created by Mao; a famous expert makeup artist in China who is well-known in the industry for excellent makeup techniques, beauty education, makeup schools, and tutorials on social media. As suggested by the name of the collection, the colour requirement of this box is very precise to bring out a crystal clear and luminous jade-like tone. The dragon logo on this colour box is designed and produced by our company. The gold hot stamping is very fine, each dragon scale is very clear, and each toe of the dragon claw is also particularly obvious. The whole dragon logo is very three-dimensional and life-like. The box structure is novel in design. In terms of the box design, the traditional way of opening the box is abandoned, and the box is opened by using its own gravity. According to the specific weight of the product in the box, the base will fall at a uniform speed.

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Silver Award (Folding Carton)

DIOR SNOW LE PROTOCOLE LUMIÈRE HOLIDAY BOX is a folding box with a luxurious flower print for the internationally renowned brand CHRISTIAN DIOR. This box was awarded silver in the Folding Carton category. New Island made use of the art paper’s natural rough texture to do high-screen printing followed by partial UV varnish, which not only enables the flower pattern to appear clear but also achieves a leather-like texture. The golden anodized aluminium is used to outline artistic features in the pattern giving it a luxuriously lively touch.

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Silver Award (Non-Folding Box)

Internationally renowned Belgian chocolate brand GODIVA’s 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Chocolate Jewelry Gift Box (24 pieces) received Silver Award in the non-folding box category. The brand name on the top of the box is printed on a gold round center piece signifying the festive golden moon. The moon is surrounded by exquisite three-dimensional flowers made with 3D embossing, and the details of the flower image are outlined in gold bronzing to make it more luscious and three-dimensional. The box consists of three layers, with the top first layer opening in the center like a large door to reveal eight separate golden boxes. The second and third tiers open up like drawers in a jewel box and each tier offers a surprise for the user.

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Bronze Award (Non-Folding Box)

The bronze award-winning work is Maogeping’s Forbidden City Qiyun Oriental Series Season 4; Song Fengyuan Black and Gold Beauty Gift Box. This box uses more than two different surface treatments to set off the special MGP logo pattern. In the front, laser embossing and a custom metal plate is used. The box opens in the center to reveal the brand’s luxurious skincare products, which are easily removed by pulling a custom ribbon.

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In this year’s China Print Awards, New Island  Printing received gratifying merits reflecting our strength and professionalism in cosmetic packaging. Our company will maintain our efforts to achieve high standards and continuous improvement. New Island has been committed to providing customers with green and efficient packaging printing solutions. In recent years, the company expanded its service portfolio to allow customers more flexibility and material choice. We constantly promote green printing technology and encourage customers to select the more sustainable option.

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