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Both our manufacturing plants supply high-quality hand-assembled services with a fully-integrated facility.  The state-of-art machines offer full-scale packaging and post-press lines including:

  • Paper engineering
  • UV coating
  • Flute lamination
  • Hot-foiled stamping
  • Box folding
  • Rigid box assembly
  • Window patching and others




Madam So Chau Ying Ping and partners founded New Island from a small 6-story factory premises in Wanchai, Hong Kong, as a small-sized printing company.

History 1
1967 Importation of the first Heidelberg two-coloured printing machine in Hong Kong.
1971 Moved to a 60,000-sq.ft. factory building in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, where new cutting and folding packaging machines were employed to improve on the production.
1985 Imported the first Heidelberg 5C Press for Hong Kong. History 4
1986 Purchased a 6C Rotogravure Printing Press.
1988 Sir D. Wilson, the Hong Kong Governor, visited our Wong Chuk Hang factory. History 6

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary, New Island relocated to a 120,000-sq. ft. premise in Somerset House, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.  With acquisition of new machineries and equipment, we were the first company to use the most advanced design and drafting technologies within Hong Kong.

History 2
1990 In March, we had a joint-venture with the Dailingshan Government. A new 46,900-sq.ft. facility was built in Nan Qu Industrial Park, Dailingshan, Dongguan. This plant offers fully-integrated facility and supplies high-quality hand-assembled products.

With the state-of-art machines, full-scale packaging and post-press lines including paper engineering, UV coating, flute lamination, hot-foiled stamping, boxes folding, rigid box assembly, window-patching and many other services are enabled.

History 9
1993 New Island was listed as a publicly traded company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with HK0377 as our trading number.
1994 Celebrating our 30th Anniversary, the Quarry Bay Headquarter and our production operations were moved to a new 150,000-sq.ft. factory in Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong.


The ISO9001 Certificate was also awarded in this year.


New Island became one of the first printers in China having a fully-computerized workflow management using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. Video conferencing, ISDN high-speed data transfer among Hong Kong, China and U.S.A. were some of the electronic communication means.

History 5History 7
1997 Our 8,850-sq. m. plant was completed in Songjiang, south-western part of Shanghai.  At the same time, in order to develop a closer tie and to avoid communication delays, our New York Representative Office was established.
2002 Our Dongguan plant moved to a larger facility measuring 48,000sq. m. in Dailingshan Science & Industrial Park.  A further space of 50,000 sq. m. was set aside for future expansion. History 9
2003 Both the Dongguan and Shanghai plants receive the HACCP Certificate.
2005 Factory Expansion Project of the Dongguan Science & Industrial Park commenced.
2007 Our Shanghai production area was expanded to 31,000 sq.m.  It was equipped with offset & flexographic printing facilities, converting processes, GMP workshop and hand-assembled facilities.


2010 In August, Mr. Suen Cho Hing, Paul, owner of a holding company, acquired 62.62% of the share capital of New Island.


2014 In August, 62.62% of the share capital of New Island was acquired by Mr. Meng Guang Bao, controller of Huajun International Ltd.  The trading name of New Island Development Holdings was officially changed to Huajun Holdings Limited.
2015 New Island reached a milestone of 50th Anniversary. History 3
2016 Paris Representative Office was established and serves as our sales and marketing base in Europe.