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Research & Development

Dedicating to top quality, New Island has R&D (Research & Development) as well as QA (Quality Assurance) Departments in all manufacturing sites.  Our R&D and QA Departments work hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure ample supports are given for passing the quality tests required.

We are aware that our customers, being in a highly-competitive market, need differentiation and innovations to stay as top-notch. Consequently, we continuously research and explore new materials and methods to keep up with the latest developments in process and conversion technologies. Our research and development teams have the essential task of keeping us at the forefront of technology and implementing the latest techniques and equipment. Thus, additional value-added services can be delivered with an aim to enhance our final products for the benefit of our customers.

Our qualified technicians undertake tests for:

  • FDA & odour requirements for food packaging
  • Heavy metal & toxic material tests for children’s packing and products
  • Light-fast and colour-matching requirements for consumer packaging
  • Fold ability, rigidity and humidity for all types of material
  • Print testing

R & D helps to source our raw materials such as paper board, ink and coating from suppliers all over the world.  Regular training sessions are organized for our staff to keep them informed about new technologies.


International Packaging Group (IPG)

New Island Printing Group Co. Ltd. is an elected representing member for Hong Kong and China region for International Packaging Group (IPG), a reputable printing association. We exchange advanced printing technologies with other 23 group members from different parts of the world.

IPG philosophy is to provide a platform for a total as well as an open exchange of information among members. Issues on productivity methods, experience sharing, technical problems, human resources and quality control are discussed.


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Self-Sanitize Spiker (SSS) TM

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Antimicrobial packaging is not a new concept in the food packaging industry, as it is relatively focused on extending the shelf life of highly perishable food products or allowing food processors to reduce chemical preservatives. What about non-food packaging?

Bacteria and viruses that cause diseases can easily find their way onto packaging materials and pose health risks upon contact. Bacteria on paper surfaces can proliferate to over millions within 24 hours, while viruses can survive for days. It is essential to develop active packaging with antimicrobial properties to prevent contamination and cross-transmission of microorganisms during storage, transportation, and the use of packed products; especially amid the pandemic.

New Island Printing Group and Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) have worked on developing this revolutionary antimicrobial paper packaging to provide SAFE, HYGIENIC and ECO-FRIENDLY products for customers. Unlike conventional antimicrobial materials that rely exclusively on killing actions, our SELF-SANITIZE SPIKER (SSS) packaging not only kills microorganisms by direct physical contact but also avoids the accumulation of their debris. This prevents potential reduction in killing capacity from blockage of the contact active surfaces over time, preserving sustained efficacy.

Accredited laboratories have independently confirmed that the coated paper packaging kills over 99.9% of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria; whilst also deactivating most viruses, including human coronavirus (COVID-19). Self-Sanitize Spiker is suitable for packaging across different industries and has been tested for the safety of direct food contact.


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