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About Us

New Island Printing Group Co. Ltd was founded in 1964 and started as a family-sized printing company located in a 6-storey building at the heart of Wanchai, Hong Kong. During the early days, New Island mainly focused on providing colour-printed packaging products for the toys and tobacco industries. With continuous innovation and development, the company steadily expanded its services to other markets, including confectionery, wine and beverage, cosmetics, luxury packaging, medical and health care, consumer goods, and luxury packaging. As of today, our high-quality and wide range of products, attentive service approach, and punctual delivery has allowed New Island to become one of the most distinctive outstanding enterprises in the printing industry.

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Our Vision

To become a highly value added international packaging services supplier.


Our Mission

To utilize the latest technology bases on a synergized management team and optimized staff training to provide total customer satisfaction.

Our Objective 

To produce consistently high quality products, intuitive customer service and on-time delivery. To maintain quality commitments of ISO 9001. To continuously improve management and production techniques. To expand manufacturing capabilities and enhance global access. To lead the industry as the foremost professional in printing.


Our Spirit Motto
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Since 2013, we have adopted the new motto to express our principle of service. Where packaging comes alive represents that if you have an idea, a new concept of packaging, a new design, we want to help you make these ideas come true. Alive signifies the modern changes in packaging. Packaging is no longer limited to just protecting or transporting your product, it has many interactions between the product and the customer, it communicates, informs, and builds a relationship with the brand. New Island principle of service is to continue to provide more value-add to packaging and to enhance customer and consumer experience.