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Product safety and sustainability go hand-in-hand.  The safety of our products links to that of our end-users. New Island commits to develop innovative and safe products that are reliable. As a result, we always bear product quality in our minds throughout the manufacturing process. We comply with all mandatory safety standards that apply for all products across different industries, such as toys, pharmaceuticals and food packaging. We equipped all factory sites with GMP workshops and testing laboratories so as to maintain the quality control to the highest standard.

Food safety does not mean the origins of food, chemical preservatives used or food processing to New Island.  Packaging materials, food contact, hygiene, prevention and protection from contamination and labeling are what we have in mind.  Our knowledgeable specialists pay attention to details to prevent possible risks like sudden temperature drops or humidity changes that might affect our products. Our risk management teams allow us to have adequate prevention of the possible risks and react quickly to overcome the effects.

With our stringent controls, we assure our products are absolutely safe to our end-users.  We make it compulsory for all employees to complete health and safety training.  This is to ascertain that our staff is well-equipped and knowledgeable in personal hygiene and the use of washing and sanitization equipment.  Regular awareness announcements and briefings make workers fully-aware of the potential risk factors, hazardous conditions and the consequence of malpractices.  Workers have to be fully-sanitized and be clear of sickness before they enter the GMP facilities.  Our Logistics Department always take extra care to avoid the potential risks in packing, warehousing and transportation. This is the reason why New Island customers have a total confidence in us.