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New Island, as one of the leading printing and packaging companies in Hong Kong and China, employs more than 2,000 staff. We combine a pool of enthusiastic and passionate team of knowledgeable and skilled people from diverse educational, technical and ethnic backgrounds.

Our people takes pride, passion and commitment in work. We are committed to providing them with the best working resources and conditions to attract and retain talent. We are also proud of the high quality products and services we have to offer our customers and end users. New Island encourages innovative and creative ideas in everything we do and we welcome talents who wish to pursue a challenging career.

What to Expect
At New Island, you can expect transparent and direct constructive dialogues between departments and peers. Over the years, we have built platforms for staff to share their views and achieved strong engagement through the use of surveys, focus groups, intranet and direct communication with line managers.

A reward scheme has also been implemented to acknowledge staff who come up with new ideas, methods or better ways of completing work tasks. The same scheme applies to acknowledge employees who contribute in problem solving, improving sustainability, cost savings, being innovative and lean management.