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New Island wishes you a prospersous year of the dragon


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According to Chinese astrology 2024 is the year of the DRAGON. The Chinese dragon is one of the most important and auspicious symbols in Chinese culture. According to the legends this powerful, majestic large sized creature is the ruler of weather and seasons. It has the ability to walk on land, swim, fly and travel between dimensions. The four king dragons ruling the seas (North Sea, South Sea, East Sea and West Sea) were believed to be the controllers of rain and wind. Thus in many Chinese villages, there will be temples to worship the Dragon King to seek their blessing for good weather for harvest, clean wells for drinking water and safe seas for the return of fisherman and traders. The dragon also symbolizes imperial power, authority, nobleness, good fortune, harvest and prosperity.

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2024 is the year of the wood dragon. The element of wood (or the green dragon) represents stability, honesty, loyalty, creativity and growth. This is the year for visionary leaders, innovative minds and problem solvers. You can expect stability in business operations with energy that drives optimistic and ambitious ideas. Do not be surprised if someone presents you with a breakthrough idea. Look for innovation and creativity, as this is the area in which will you can expect good progress and good return. The energy this year is for you to be more daring and push your boundaries more. This could be a good year to start a new business or expand in new horizons. So if you have unfinished projects, get it done ASAP and start something new. Dragons are competitive and love to win. Hold on to this competitive vibe as you will receive reward for the effort and hard work put in. The reward could be financial reward, unexpected opportunity or career advancement. Dragons are kind and loyal creatures. You can expect harmony, generosity, honesty and forgiveness amongst workplace, family and social environments.

Children born in the year of the dragon are known to be fearless, adventurous, confident and visionary. Strong leadership and distinct personalities with the ability to inspire others. They are often very self-assured and rely on their own judgment. They are curious and can sometimes be impulsive.

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New Island would like to take the opportunity to wish all customers, suppliers, friends, and your families a wonderful year of the dragon with good health and many joyful reunions. We wish you inner peace, good luck, and many opportunities coming your way.

Thank you for your support and trust in New Island. We value our partnership and friendship. This year will continue to bring you new and unique products with innovative packaging solutions. New Island looks forward to being of service to you again and creating a successful year together.

Happy Chinese New Year!

All the best from the team at New Island.

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